Welcome to BB Waters

It’s been a truly amazing journey since the opening of BB Waters in early 2013.  Our first quarter has been both challenge-filled and joyous.  Since opening our doors, we’ve learned a lot along the way, improving not only the way we do business, but also recognizing what it is that our customers desire most.

Our goal is to provide parents across the state, country and world the necessary tools and products to make their lives EASIER!  We are proud to introduce our first product, BeachBaby Towa’Round, which is a universal stroller accessory that makes it easy to navigate your stroller through the sand or over rough terrain.

We’re not JUST a product company who sells though!  In starting this blog, we also want to share valuable information for parents – from pregnancy issues like morning sickness and diet to recommended products for your teething toddler.

We invite you to stay connected and informed by joining our email list, following our blog, and sending us an occasional tweet or two – and don’t be afraid to share our photos on Facebook – it could give you the chance to win one of our featured products!

We hope you enjoy the content we write and look forward to meeting you in the future – maybe even with a BeachBaby Towa’Round in hand!