BB Waters Launches Innovative Must-Have Accessory for Beach-Bound Babies!

ImageBB Waters announces the launch of a new accessibly priced luxury item, to put the ease in getting your stroller though the sand! BEACHBABY TOWA’ ROUND is a universal stroller accessory made to attach to the front of any stroller. Whether your little one is in the stroller or you are loaded down with everything in tow, BEACHBABY TOWA’ROUND makes rough terrains stress-free! The best part is this handy accessory can also be used to pull wagons, coolers and more!

Versatile and trendy.

Now everyone can be beach-bound with their baby in a stroll of comfort, because BB Waters’ BEACHBABY TOWA’ROUND is made to be compatible with most popular stroller brands. “Why struggle with pushing your stroller through the sand, especially when a trip to the Beach is supposed to be fun and relaxing,” says Anna Blazevich, the President and Founder of BB Waters. “Typical strollers are not sand and grass friendly, and may be rough on the back when trying to take all the necessities on your outing, this is an easy resolution.” Parents can now ENJOY their trek to the beach without leaving the stroller behind!

About BB Waters:

BB Waters is a product company that started along the Ocean shores of Southern California and a place where creative creation is the main ingredient involved in every endeavor. Each project is approached by taking the road less traveled in order to provide a tangible solution through innovative concept and remarkable design. We are dedicated to providing fresh, relevant and unique products to our customers. Our goal is to create vibrant, social marketplaces that empower local and national designers, suppliers and communities.

All products are parent tested and approved ‘For ease of mobility.’ For more information about BEACHBABY TOWA’ROUND or BB Waters, visit

Living in the Moment

Mindfulness can be seen as the practice of “being in the moment” – but what does this actually mean? Does it mean that if we’re mindful we should never think about the past or the future, never try to plan or to reflect on our past experience?

Actually, being in the moment means being mindfully aware of what is going on right here and now, in our experience, and this includes any thinking we do about the past or future. I never put much thought into this notion until I became a mother.

It began when my son, Ethan, began displaying poor sleeping habits. Ethan was a great sleeper from the start, but when he turned six weeks of age, sleep became a thing of the past. He developed ‘sensitivity to dairy’ and ‘reflux.’ So in his discomfort, sleep eluded him and kept both my husband and myself up during the night. I attempted to try to solve the problem and found a product called Colic Calm, which did help slightly, but didn’t come close to “solving” any issue. Our frequent and pleasant trips to the beach were soothing, but again, did not seem to tire him out enough to solve his problems.

It just so happened that around this time, I began implementing meditation into my daily routine. After realizing how stressed, tired, and over-reactive to Ethan’s behaviors I was becoming, it dawned on me that I needed to start doing something for myself as well. I suddenly found myself calmer. Collected. I found myself able to concentrate on what was currently happening. Instead of obsessing about Ethan not staying asleep in his crib, I found comfort that he slept in my arms. My meditation sessions grew longer and I found myself looking forward to cuddling him, rocking him, and enjoying the silent moments we got to spend together. The house suddenly relaxed.

After a few weeks of this, my son’s reflux dissipated. While I do believe that there were other factors that played in this sudden resolve, I also believe that children are amazing balls of energy that cannot help but absorb the energy around them. Ethan’s behaviors were a direct result from all the anxious and nervous energy I was bringing into the house.

Through these phases and through other personal phases of my life as a mother, I have found that patience and mindfulness help ease the tribulations that parents often go through. I’ve learned to be in the moment. To take deep breaths. To relax a little more. To live in the moment because, in the end, a life is measured by moments like these.